What is Woter?

Woter is the next generation hybrid decentralized exchange where you can trade cryptocurrencies & fiat in a secure model. Your money stays in your wallet until you trade.


Who are behind Woter?

Woter is being built by Woter Technologies, a fin-tech startup focusing on blockchain technologies. The team comprises of entrepreneurs & geeks bound together by a common love for blockchain & crypto.


What is WOT token?

WOT is an Ethereum based token on the ERC 20 standards.


What is the price of one WOT token?

During ICO, 1 WOT = $0.25. During the pre-sale, WOT tokens would be sold at 20% discounts. After ICO, the WOT tokens would be listed on exchanges and the price will be determined by the markets.


What are the benefits to WOT token holders?

WOT tokens grant the holders the right to:

  • Receive 25% of profits generated from the WOTER Exchange operations for life which shall be distributed based on the WOT token holdings
  • WOTER might have to take business decisions that might require voting. WOT token holders can vote on such decisions that come up for voting.


What is an ICO?

ICOs, also known as “token sales,” are a relatively new fundraising phenomenon used to

launch new companies or fund a development project.


When is the Woter ICO?

The ICO starts on 28 Apr 2018 and runs for 45 days.


When is the Woter pre-sale / pre-ICO?

The pre-ICO is starting from 1 Mar 2018.


What is KYC ?

KYC is the short form of know your customer. This is a process implemented by most banks & financial institutions to ensure that the customers are genuine.


Why is KYC necessary?

KYC is necessary to protect the project. We do not want any hassles with our partner banks or regulatory authorities. KYC is a voluntary compliance from our end so as to ensure that we follow anti-money laundering laws and other relevant regulations.


What is the KYC procedure?

  1. First, you need to register at https://woter.trade
  2. Login to your Investor hub area here – https://woter.trade/investor-hub/
  3. If your Account Status shows – Not Verified, click on “Verify Now”.
  4. You would need the following to successfully complete the ICO
    1. A “Google” account to start the process. If you do not have one, it would be advised to create one.
    2. A scanned copy of your national ID card / Passport
    3. A scanned selfie of you holding the ID card  and a paper with the name “Woter” & Date of KYC.
  1. The KYC form has three steps.
  2. In step 1, you would need to enter your google email & ETH address to take you to the next step
  3. In step 2, enter your Name, Date of Birth, Address, City & Country
  4. In step 3, you would need to enter your ID card number and upload the scanned copy and the selfie of you holding the ID card + paper with Woter & today’s date in it.

Once you complete the above steps, your details shall be sent for verification. It takes between 1 to 7 days for verification. If your account is still unverified after 7 days, please send us a mail to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]


How can I participate in the ICO? How can I buy WOT tokens?

You can buy WOT tokens during the ICO by using BTC / ETH. You should send the coins to the ETH & BTC address specified in the investor hub area.