Next Generation Hybrid Decentralized Exchange

Woter Technologies is a fin-tech startup focusing on blockchain technologies, The Woter team is building the next generation hybrid decentralized exchange where you can trade cryptocurrencies & fiat in a secure model. Your money stays in your wallet until you trade.

We are creating the world’s largest crypto/fiat exchange www.woter.io and the most valuable token WOTER. By investing in WOTER you are securing lifelong earnings from our smart contract: 25% of exchange revenue will be distributed to WOT holders monthly for life.

Woter`s Exchange smart contract will distribute funds (WOT and Ether) to the holders of Woter coin (ERC20) tokens pro-rata.

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Social Channels & Groups

Total WOT Rewarded: 2108217 WOT
Total in USD: $
Total tokens sold: WOT

Total Members: 120994
WOT Price: $0.25 USD / PRE-ICO Price: $0.20



Without reliance on a third-party to manage and administer assets, brokerage fees and exchange mishaps become a thing of the past, truly peer-to-peer.


By optionally setting your account or transactions to private, your identification on trades becomes merely a list of letters and numbers.


Gaining access to liquidity in a decentralized, trustless fashion has never been easier and we strive to make it simpler everyday for your convenience.

Coin Specs

★ Name: Woter Token
★ Type: ERC20
★ Ticker symbol: WOT
★ Platform: Ethereum
★ Total Supply: 100,000,000 WOT


ERC20 Wallet Enables Sending & Receiving WOT coins for holders, beta available at wallet.woter.io

Token & Fund Distribution Charts

Wot Token Distribution

Fund Distribution


Bledar Tola

Bledar Tola


Bledar is a crypto investor & enthusiast involved in the blockchain space since 2013. Bledar has been part of several tech startups & projects in the fields of e-commerce, webs services, data privacy and more. When he is not working, you can see him spend time with his lovely daughter & family.

Wissam Idrissi

Wissam Idrissi

CO-Founder & Lead Developer

Blockchain expert, full stack developer, crypto pioneer since 2009.
More than 14 years of experience of web development  & internet marketing.

Jamshid N Nalakath

Jamshid N Nalakath

Marketing & Strategic Business Consultant

Strategist, growth hacker & GTM specialist - Sales professional with experience in selling enterprise software, DevOps tools and professional services.
More than 13 years' experience in strategy, business development, IT consulting, partnerships and sales.

Andrzej Cichocki

Andrzej Cichocki

Software engineer

Multi-lingual agile programmer, areas of interest include delivery, maintainability and self-sustaining software.

Over 12 years experience from finance to mobile content and back again.